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How the economic climate has led to an increased crime rate

How business can safeguard against crime during the recession

Reduce crime, theft and vandalism during the recession
How the recession has contributed to an increase in crime across the UK and what you can do to protect yourself and your business from petty theft and vandalism.

Worldwide, the economic scenario has been showing a negative turn, after the uptrend a few years ago. The figures of a slow growth rate and higher inflation rates do not reflect the effect on businesses and the common man, but it is the average person on the street who has to deal with the consequences of job losses, of a tighter budget and an inability to keep up with the rising costs all around him. Another major outcome of the growing discontent with the negative economic climate has been the rapid increase in crime rates around the country.

Increase in crime rate

Break-ins and theft against business has increased during the recessionCrime statistics in the United Kingdom are measured by two different sources. The recorded crime statistics are the figures for the crimes reported to the police. These are an indicator of the crimes which have been reported for further action by the police. However, the other crime statistic source is the Crime Survey for England and Wales, which bases its figures on interviews and on people’s perceptions about the crime rate in their region and in the other parts of the country. This includes crimes which have not been reported to the authorities and it also shows the latest trends. In the last 50 years, violent crime has increased seven fold. For violent crimes in 2011/ 12, the figure stands at 2.2 million. In 2011, there was a 14 % increase in burglaries, and a 6 % increase in violent crime over the previous year.

Security concerns over the increase in crime

With figures like these and an increasing perception that things are going to get worse before they become any better, companies and organisations are becoming increasingly concerned about the security aspects of their premises. It is not just thefts and burglaries which become a matter of concern; data theft is also a major problem. Vandalism is also a worrisome nationwide security problem, since the acts of vandalism have been rising steadily. Whether big or small, building security aspects have become a very important part of any policies. Organisations have to put into place measures which will not only prevent theft, but also will prevent unfettered access to the premises. With regard to their networked computers, they have to make sure that the data is protected with a strong firewall and data protection system.

Basic security steps to protecting your business

These go beyond the simple steps of just making sure everything is locked and secure. Leaving a window open can make the difference between securing your valuable items and filing for an insurance claim and dealing with the hassle of lost property. Keeping the keys secure is not quite as easy as it sounds! Building security is dependent on taking special care and not taking anything for granted.

Safeguarding business premises with a professional security company

Professional patrol security servicesIn order to make sure that building security is fool-proof and that the company has been safeguarded against the increase in crime rates, many businesses have now started outsourcing their security solutions to Key Patrol Security Services. Nationwide security concerns have been among the major reasons behind the rapid rise of security companies. Key Patrol are a professionally managed and trained security company with over 50 years experience in the private security sector. The security company cost factors are a deterrent, but most organisations realise that even a single burglary activity can make them lose many efficient man-hours. Advanced security devices are available in the market, but these need to be combined with excellent specialised security personnel to prove their mettle.

static security patrolsSecurity companies do much more than just provide personnel to keep a watch over the premises. Key Patrol provide nationwide security by protecting people and property 24/7 and make sure that there is no breach in the security systems that have been set into place by the people in charge. Security companies have personnel who have been trained in these aspects and have the expertise to deal with any untoward events relating to local or nationwide security. They make sure that their employees are trained in the latest technology and are equipped with the requisite equipment for building security.

Key holding and door security systems

One of the most important aspects of any building’s security is to make sure that the keys are with someone reliable and that no one is able to access the rooms without proper authorisation. Nationwide security surveys have shown that loss of keys has often resulted in heavy expenditure while trying to open locked rooms and secure areas, where the keys are not available. Security companies appoint keyholders and they usually follow the BS7984 industry standards. Security companies such as Key Patrol make sure that there is a prompt response to any intruder alarms from their rapid response units. Their keyholders are the ones who will respond to any alarms and who understand the mechanics of the alarm system. Only professional, fully trained staff attends activations, and in case of any serious incidents, they provide manned guards. Detailed regular reports are also provided.

Mobile Patrols can reduce crime

Mobile vehicle and static guard patrols

Key Patrol provide round the clock patrolling of the business premises. Security alarms are the first step in the security of a building but these need to be augmented with security patrols, whether on foot by trained guards or in well-equipped highly visible vans. Key Patrol provides uniformed security officers in liveried vans, which are a great deterrent for anyone who may attempt to enter the premise without due permission or proper access rights. An increase in crime has resulted in an increase in the abilities of the thieves, and these can only be deterred by visible, efficient and highly trained security personnel. The mobile security vans patrol the area at irregular intervals, and they are able to cover the building at faster intervals than guards travelling on foot. The patrol officers in the vans can lock and unlock doors, they can keep a watch on late night workers, and they can make random visits to the internal areas of the site.

Additional security services

A security company like Key Patrol also provides several other services to suit the individual requirements of the company. They can escort the employees when special deliveries are made, they can do a regular check of the fire alarms, they can inspect buildings when they are vacant, and they can provide cost-effective solutions for the building security to suit the budget and requirements of their clients.

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Alarm activations – what are the health and safety dangers?

Health and safety concerns of responding to an alarm yourself

Alarm response - the health and safety concerns and dangers

When it comes to the issue of responding to a security alarm, many smaller and medium sized company owners decide to keep matters within the business and take care of private security and alarm response themselves. There are many reasons why this is not the best thing to do, such as personal safety, liability and other legal and corporate considerations, and there are many reasons why enlisting the help of a private security company is a much better option. This article covers in detail the health, safety and professional concerns of responding to alarms and other business security matters yourself.

Private security in business; the issues

Alarm management and alarm response are important factors for any business, especially privately owned businesses. Aside from the installation, centralisation and handling of alarm systems (which is covered in detail at the Government Health and Safety Executives Website) there are many risks in taking matters into your own hands when carrying out alarm response.

Personal security health and safety

Personal security health and safety is one of the biggest factors to appreciate. When you respond to an alarm yourself, you are putting yourself in personal danger if there is criminal activity involved. Having to respond to an alarm usually occurs at night when the business premises is secured, and while many cases are false alarms due to rodents or birds tripping motion sensors, if the premises is the subject of theft then you will come into contact with criminals, who may respond by attacking you, either maliciously or in trying to escape. Because personal livelihood is involved for private companies, many owners also resist assailants and respond to violence, which puts personal safety in jeopardy.

Professional liability

Physical safety is not the only issue for alarm response. It might sound wrong but you put yourself in danger of professional liability if you find your business being robbed or the subject of criminal activity in general. For companies who find themselves the victim of on-going criminal activity, the damages and stress that are caused as a result can be extreme.

Added responsibilities impacts on your company’s productivity

Owning a business comes with so many different responsibilities and tasks that it can be damaging to your company’s productivity by responding to a security alarm yourself. Managing private security is always time consuming, and even if your company premises is located nearby then it can take many hours to locate the problem, ensure the premises is secure and then set the alarm again. The last thing a busy manager needs is to be awoken in the middle of the night for an alarm response and waste hours putting things right, regardless of whether it is a false alarm or otherwise. If the security alarm is the start of a serious problem, safety breach or case of theft, then the problems associated with your company’s productivity amplify. Even if your company is Limited Liability, corporate responsibility will have an impact when your company is unable to function as it normally does. The point is that if you are wasting your time by taking alarm response and private security into your own hands, your company will take longer to get back on its feet and doing what it does efficiently again.

How will a subordinate respond if an accident or damages occurs?

Many company owners delegate the responsibility of intruder alarm response to subordinates, though handing over the keys in this circumstance also comes with many potential problems. If accidents occur or damages are caused by one of your employees responding to a security alarm or another security health and safety incident, then you will not know how they will behave, and you will not know whether company liability will be called into question. Similarly, the trustworthiness and responsibility of the key handler is always difficult to prove and insure, and you always put your company and its assets under greater risk when you delegate security tasks to someone else, even if you are sure you can trust them. What’s more, if you are a small company then keyholder delegation may be only a verbal contract, which can lead to legal issues and disputes if theft or other damages happen.

The solution for alarm response management

Getting professional to repond to alarm activations

Getting the expert help of a professional alarm response service like that offered by Key Patrol is a complete solution to the issues of handling private security on your own. When you enlist the services of an alarm response firm, they act as keyholders for when any company security alarms are activated, and respond instantly to all cases. They take care of everything, from ensuring that the premises is safe and secure, to notifying the authorities if the case warrants. You get around the clock and complete support for company alarm response, and all types of alarm response are covered. Response units are arranged so that they respond to intruder alarms as quickly as possible, and this a big advantage for company owners who live far away from their company premises.

Mobile patrols and static security are examples of other services available from security response firms, including on-site monitoring, foot patrols, guarding and mobile security patrols for extra safety and security. These static security and mobile services are extremely effective for companies who are targeted consistently or are the subject of organised criminal activity.

You also ensure that your keys are in safe hands, and this safety is completely guaranteed. All security health and safety and associated personal danger and liability is taken from off of your shoulders and put in the hands of licensed and trained security professionals, who are far more ready and able to take care of any situations in the proper manner.

Your company’s security and health and safety should always be at the top of your list of priorities, and while many managers prefer to keep matters in their own hands, this is a risky strategy. The best thing to do for your company’s protection is to enquire with a security alarm and static security response service. This is the choice which thoroughly protects yourself, your employees, your property and your company.

Key Patrol are an excellent choice for business security covering the whole of the UK. Our professional officers will keep both your keys and premises safe, and respond rapidly upon a raised building alarm. We have over 50 years of experience in the security industry and have an excellent working relationship with our clients.

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