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Why should your business employ a security guard?

Why should your business employ a security guard?

Even though every business these days constantly worries about generating enough turnover and improving profit margins, this kind of concern is preferable to fretting over possible break-ins from criminals. Sadly, in the modern world, such break-ins are becoming all too common!

In addition to losing expensive equipment and assets that can be sold on, most modern businesses will have confidential and sensitive information, which needs protection as well. While a lot will depend on the type and nature of the business, hiring a security guard brings about several benefits that the majority of entrepreneurs and enterprises would appreciate.

Key Patrol, a leading provider of security guards in Essex and the rest of the UK, are on hand to deliver the following advantages.

Better prevention

Robbers and raiders will be put off the thought of attempting a burglary simply by the sight of imposing uniformed protection standing guard. What’s more, proficient and professional guards are trained to look out for suspicious activity and can alert the appropriate authorities or take action on the spot.

As opposed to a standard security system or CCTV, guards represent more of a real threat and are a greater visual deterrent, as they show that your business is largely impenetrable to criminal activity due to the physical presence of highly trained people.

Expert handling of incidents

Security guards aren’t just muscular and fearsome looking individuals, they are also comprehensively trained to deal with all manner of transgressions, misdemeanours and infractions of the law.

Therefore, if your business does suffer from a break-in, security guards are there to react and respond. From simply taking down notes and contacting the police to chasing and detaining criminals, they’re capable of handling incidents in a variety of different ways.

Friendly and reassuring face

If people are constantly coming from and going to your business, a security guard can make clientele feel safe and act as brand ambassadors. Whether they’re manning a front desk or restricting access to certain areas, security guards are able to perform more than one task as well.

There is a good chance that customers will go to a security guard first for directions to a particular department or information about a specific product. So with a security guard you not only get protection, but a friendly and reassuring face too.

Peace of mind

Perhaps the main reason you may choose to hire a security guard is for the peace of mind that the business will remain safe and free from harm. This will be a feeling echoed by customers, clients and employees, who are bound to be more relaxed and at ease with a security guard around.

Employing professions to look after the business may also improve your reputation and standing. Everyone associated with the company will appreciate the steps you’ve taken to ensure they are protected.

Despite the fact that technological advancements are making places of business more secure than ever before, sometimes the simplest methods remain the best. Here at Key Patrol, we believe that our security guards in Essex and the surrounding area provide invaluable protection for both everyday consumers and big businesses.

What does keyholding mean and why should you choose this form of business security?

What does keyholding mean and why should you choose this form of business security?

Even though there are a number of security options a business can explore, keyholding is one of the most attractive. However, several people do not know what this term refers to and the benefits that come with it.

Key Patrol is one of the leading security companies in Essex and, naturally, across the rest of the UK too. They are always on hand to explain what keyholding means and why it makes sense to choose this form of business security.

What does key holding mean?

Keyholding is when a business gives a security firm the keys to its premises. So when the alarm goes off or if there is an out-of-hours intrusion, the security provider is on hand to respond in a prompt and appropriate way. The key holder may also be required to give access to cleaners and maintenance or simply patrol the property overnight.

Keys are typically stored in a key vault or mobile unit in accordance with regulatory standards. For security reasons, they are not usually labelled with the business’s name and feature a code, colour or marking instead.

Why should you choose key holding?

  • 24/7 Service – Regardless of whether a break-in occurs late at night or in the early hours of the morning, it is a key holder’s duty to be on call 24/7. Therefore, you can rest assured that your business will be protected and safeguarded around the clock.
  • Response time – Seeing as many professional key holding services make use of mobile units, you will benefit from rapid response times. Along with securing the premises quickly, they may even be able to catch the perpetrators red handed.
  • Low risk – Having a trained key holder look after your premises eliminates potential risk for you and the business’s employees. If you or another member of staff were to respond to an alarm or intrusion, there is a chance that burglars could cause harm or injury.
  • Responsibility – A professional key holding company will know exactly how alarm systems work, how to deal with thieves and how to report crimes. This heavy responsibility may be too much for you or your workforce to handle.
  • False alarms – Most intruder activations are actually false alarms, which can be incredibly inconvenient to you and detrimental to business productivity. But this won’t be a problem if a key holding firm is handling your security.
  • Cost-effectiveness – Compared to employing security guards to be at your premises all the time, key holding is a much more cost-effective way of safeguarding valuable business assets.
  • Peace of mind – Perhaps above all else, keyholding gives you real peace of mind that any burglary or alarm activation will be dealt with swiftly in a proficient and professional way.

For these reasons, your business could really benefit from choosing a keyholding provider like Key Patrol. Although there are various security companies in Essex providing this kind of service, Key Patrol was formed on a combined background of over 50 years industry experience and strives to deliver the best solution for each individual customer.

Improving security for new business premises

Improving security for new business premises

When a business moves into new premises, it is usually because things are going well and more room is needed to expand. However, this doesn’t mean to say a different property is more safe and secure against the threat of theft and burglaries.

Offences against businesses are still responsible for 20 per cent of all recorded crime in the UK, while cyber crime costs organisations in excess of £21 billion a year. Therefore, all that success and growth could be undone when you move premises if the necessary precautions aren’t implemented.

With this in mind, here is some advice on how to safeguard your new property from Key Patrol, a leading building security services supplier.

Conduct a risk assessment

By identifying where the business is most vulnerable, you can choose the most appropriate and effective security solutions and services. If possible, find out whether the property or premises has been burgled before and go from there.

Address basic security

From strengthening doors to fitting window locks and installing motion sensor lightning, there are various ways you can improve basic security for common access points, as this will protect against amateurish unplanned burglaries. However, you may need to look at alarm systems and CCTV as well, which could be expensive but is much more effective and beneficial in the long run particularly to provide protection from well-planned burglaries or inside jobs.

Protect the workforce

Even though you’ll no doubt have lots of costly assets to protect, your employees should always be top priority. Therefore, make sure they are comfortable in their new surroundings and think about conducting some security training. Along with knowing what to do when a theft occurs, they may also be able to recognise suspicious behaviour and prevent crime form happening in the first place.

Secure equipment and stock

Although you might not like to admit it, employees may also be a security risk. Therefore, be organised with your stock, carry out regular equipment audits and make sure that members of staff responsible for opening or locking up can be trusted. If not, you may need to think about employing the services of a professional keyholding firm.

Prevent information theft

Apart from physical building protection from a security services provider, financial records and employee details are sometimes just as valuable as physical equipment and stock. What’s more, this information tends to be quite sensitive and could ruin the business if found in the wrong hands. Therefore, review computer access controls, install anti-virus software and always shred paper waste.

Seek advice from a professional

If you have concerns over the property’s security or don’t know where and how improvements can be made, contact a professional for help and advice. Building security services company Key Patrol was formed on a combined background of over 50 years experience in the industry and prides itself on delivering tailor-made customer solutions.

Carry out regular checks

Just because you have implemented a number of security systems and solutions doesn’t mean to say that the tactics and techniques used by criminals will stay the same. So, always carry out regular checks to make sure your property and business won’t become a victim of crime.

How to secure your business premises overnight

How to secure your business premises overnight

In the daytime or during normal working hours, you can be fairly sure that the threat your business faces from break-ins and burglaries is fairly low. But when the lights go off and everyone returns home, how safe will your premises be?

In addition to worrying about whether the last person to leave closed the windows and locked the doors, you’ll no doubt be wondering whether current preventative measures or existing security systems are good enough to protect all of the company’s valuable assets.

This a problem that Key Patrol, a keyholding and security company in Essex, hears about all the time. But there are various ways in which any business can secure their premises overnight.

Improve lighting

It may not actually stop crimes from happening, but improving the lighting in and around your premises is an effective preventative measure. Robbers prefer to work under the cover of darkness, so by shedding more light on their unlawful activity, they will be less inclined to break-in.

If you’re worried about your electricity footprint, you can install motion sensors or energy efficient light bulbs. While this might be the least secure option, it is fairly cheap to implement.

Install alarm or CCTV system

It is fair to say that the majority of modern businesses will have some sort of alarm or CCTV installed on the premises. However, it could be out of date or no longer provides adequate protection against today’s criminals.

An all-encompassing alarm can be managed from a central monitoring station, which will alert the authorities when something or someone triggers the system. CCTV also acts as a deterrent while catching the perpetrators red handed, hopefully leading to punishment and the recovery of stolen goods.


Leaving the responsibility of securing the premises to any employee can be incredibly risky, as they could easily forget or fail to arm an alarm system correctly. However, hiring a professional to secure the site and be on call should any incident occur provides the ultimate protection.

Keyholders can respond rapidly to any break-ins, arrange manned guarding in the event of a serious incident, co-operate with the appropriate authorities and produce detailed reports about what action was taken. This is where a professional security company based in Essex, such as ourselves, really comes into the equation, especially where you may need a fast and efficient local response.

Security guards or mobile patrols

When the business is open, security guards are friendly faces that make clients or customers feel at ease while providing information and directions if asked. But at night, they can also make sure your business remains impenetrable from thieves and burglars.

Mobile patrols can also carry out external and internal building monitoring to an agreed schedule while maintaining a visual and preventative presence. They are also incredibly cost effective, as mobile patrols can work hand in hand with existing alarm systems or keyholding services but only be called upon when needed.

Business security doesn’t end when you leave the premises at night; it is a round-the-clock responsibility. But with the assistance of someone like Key Patrol, a leading security company in Essex, this ongoing duty is a lot easier to manage.