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How to prevent security breaches from the inside

How to prevent security breaches from the inside

When you think about the sheer number of external security threats your business faces, it is easy to forget about internal perils and dangers. A lot of the time, security breaches come from within an organisation and may be the result of an “insider job.”

Although most companies will subject new members of staff to in-depth interviews and carry out various background checks, you can never be too careful.

Key Patrol is a security company that specialises in protecting businesses from external intruders, but we know an ever-present threat exists from internal sources too. Therefore, here is how to prevent security breaches from the inside.

Change passwords and codes regularly

Changing and having to remember new passwords and codes might be a bit annoying, but it is highly advisable to keep internal security threats at bay. Try to change things like alarm codes and computer passwords every six months to ensure the business premises and important data is inaccessible and unattainable.

By updating these security measures regularly, you ensure that only trusted employees have control over the company’s most value assets. You can speak to us about the technical aspects of changing alarm codes or your IT department regarding regular password reminders.

Disable access for ex-employees

Regardless of whether it was their choice or not, you’re bound to have members of staff leaving the business every now and again. However, failing to disable access for ex-employees can be incredibly dangerous from a security perspective.

If they are still able to access email accounts or the local intranet, scores of sensitive documents are at risk. On top of that, they may still know alarm codes or have a card to enter the premises. So have a system in place to disable access for every member of staff that no longer works for the organisation.

Provide different passwords and codes for different people

This might be a bit tricky to implement, but it is a rather foolproof way of knowing who gained access to the building or premises when an incident takes place. With different passwords and codes assigned to different people, you can simply look at your records and see who was responsible.

The only problem with this is that intruders may have somehow gained access or stolen a member of staff’s security code or password. This might be an existing employee or anonymous individual, so don’t jump to conclusions too quickly.

Establish a circle of trust

You are no doubt aware that business clients and everyday consumers must trust your company if they are to strike a deal or make a purchase. However, the same goes for your workforce when it comes to internal security.

Therefore, try and establish a circle of trust between a small group of team members. These should be the individuals that need to know about things like alarm codes. Be certain that information does not go beyond this team and limit the amount of people who have access to security measures such as passwords.

For more advice, contact us right here at Key Patrol, a security company that provides keyholding and alarm response services as well as helpful assistance and guidance whenever needed!

Safeguarding your employees and customers from work-related violence

Safeguarding your employees and customers from work-related violence

As an employer, it is your ultimate responsibility to maintain the safest working conditions possible for your entire work-force.

According to HSE (the Health and Safety Executive) , the country’s independent regulator for health, safety and welfare, ‘work-related violence’ refers to “any incident in which a person is abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances relating to their work. This can include verbal abuse or threats as well as physical attacks.”

Even though incidents like this don’t bear thinking about, all businesses need to be aware of work-related violence and take appropriate action when required. Licensed and retail premises are arguably at more risk, but every organisation, regardless of its size or sector, must realise work-related violence can occur at any time.

Key Patrol provides various security services to keep this threat at bay and helps various businesses stay protected from work-related violence. However, here is some more advice on this ever-present issue:-

Risks caused by a premises’ layout and lighting

In retail environments, it is important to think about the location of cash tills, blind spots, inappropriate counter design and poor layouts, as this can decrease the visibility of both staff and customers alike. As a result, potential criminals may feel more anonymous and less observed, thus increasing the likelihood of theft or even violence.

So, make sure customers and colleagues can be seen at all times. High and wide counters along with lots of mirrors can improve the visibility of concealed areas of any retail premises. See whether there is any way of preventing the build-up of crowds or queues and help to manage the way customers move and look around the premises. This approach may even lead to increased sales which is not a bad side effect of implementing effective layout changes!

Attention should also be focused on lighting, as dull interiors can make customers harder to spot and encourages offenders to steal or commit a crime. Adequate lighting enables you to spot aggressive behaviour and makes members of the public more comfortable. In this way, opportunistic thefts should be minimised too.

Preventive measures and security systems

Although you can do your bit to put off criminals and make customers feel more at ease, it is always advisable to implement a few additional preventive measures and security systems:-

  • Surveillance and CCTV – Without comprehensive surveillance and CCTV, potential offenders are given the opportunity to commit crime or violence. What’s more, without evidence of an incident, it can be difficult to identify and prosecute offenders. But CCTV works as a great deterrent and can identify criminals while making staff and customers feel safer.
  • Security devices – Things like burglar alarms and high security locks can markedly decrease the risk of work-related violence too. Even so, good quality materials and workmanship for locks on doors and windows is crucial and often overlooked. And if you choose to have an alarm installed, ensure that your staff are fully trained on how it works and know what to do should it go off. False alarms can scare and upset customers and some staff alike!
  • Security personnel – One of the best ways to keep work-related violence at bay is by hiring well-trained security personnel. They must have a suitable license to practice in the UK from the Security Industry Authority (SIA), but their presence is often enough to discourage offenders and put everyone else at ease.

Here at Key Patrol, we have trained and competent patrol officers on hand to safeguard your business at all times. However, our other security services can also provide added protection and greater peace of mind too.

Simply get in touch for a quick chat and we will take you through how we can protect both your staff and your business effectively.

Maintaining security during holidays and time off

Maintaining security during holidays and time off

Christmas and New Year will have been an enjoyable time for most of us and hopefully your business is now back up to speed once again. However, during the festive season and other holidays, your business premises tend to be more vulnerable to security threats and breaches chiefly because members of staff are enjoying some much needed time off.

This gives criminals the perfect opportunity to break-in, steal valuable assets or access sensitive information. So, even though work will be at the back of your mind during public holidays and even the weekend, it still requires a fair bit of attention and attentiveness.

Key Patrol is on hand to provide response security during these periods of downtime, but there are various others ways you can safeguard your business premises even when employees and customers are absent.

Look for any security issues or faults

First and foremost, make sure your site or premises has no existing faults that need fixing. If so, these kinds of issues should be addressed as soon as possible to allow for any delays or further problems.

Criminals may have identified these flaws and be waiting for the perfect opportunity strike, such as during a holiday or weekend. So, be thorough in your checks and look at every possibility.

Ensure security systems are fully operational

If a remote monitoring centre is managing your surveillance system, then it is necessary to ensure that things like CCTV are fully operational. Be certain visibility is good enough, make sure there are no blind spots and remove any obstructions that exist.

You may also want to test your alarm system to see whether it is working too and when the time comes to leave, double check all windows and doors are locked.

Inform the necessary people

If a remote monitoring station is taking charge of your security, make sure they know when the premises will be empty and keep them in the loop regarding any changes. If any key holders want to access the site or property at any time, they must make it known to the remote monitoring station.

It is also a good idea to update the contact details of senior employees and key holders. In the event of an incident, they will need to let the appropriate people know quickly and a lack of communication could be very dangerous.

Bring in additional security

If you’re worried that your existing security set-up isn’t good enough, you can always bring in some additional protection. Here at Key Patrol, we can provide mobile patrols and key holding services in addition to response security.

With these measures in place, you can rest assured that the risk of security breaches will be minimised. And if an incident does occur, trained professionals will be on hand to react and respond in the most appropriate way possible.

Just because you and your employees are taking time off does not mean to say criminals are too. Therefore, always remain vigilant against security threats during the holidays and periods of downtime.

The Devil makes work for idle hands!

Remember that old saying, ‘the devil makes work for idle hands’, it has probably never been more appropriate than during times when staff are not onsite as often as they usually would be! Make sure that you are on your guard, as much as possible, at such times.