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Maintaining security during holidays and time off

Maintaining security during holidays and time off

Christmas and New Year will have been an enjoyable time for most of us and hopefully your business is now back up to speed once again. However, during the festive season and other holidays, your business premises tend to be more vulnerable to security threats and breaches chiefly because members of staff are enjoying some much needed time off.

This gives criminals the perfect opportunity to break-in, steal valuable assets or access sensitive information. So, even though work will be at the back of your mind during public holidays and even the weekend, it still requires a fair bit of attention and attentiveness.

Key Patrol is on hand to provide response security during these periods of downtime, but there are various others ways you can safeguard your business premises even when employees and customers are absent.

Look for any security issues or faults

First and foremost, make sure your site or premises has no existing faults that need fixing. If so, these kinds of issues should be addressed as soon as possible to allow for any delays or further problems.

Criminals may have identified these flaws and be waiting for the perfect opportunity strike, such as during a holiday or weekend. So, be thorough in your checks and look at every possibility.

Ensure security systems are fully operational

If a remote monitoring centre is managing your surveillance system, then it is necessary to ensure that things like CCTV are fully operational. Be certain visibility is good enough, make sure there are no blind spots and remove any obstructions that exist.

You may also want to test your alarm system to see whether it is working too and when the time comes to leave, double check all windows and doors are locked.

Inform the necessary people

If a remote monitoring station is taking charge of your security, make sure they know when the premises will be empty and keep them in the loop regarding any changes. If any key holders want to access the site or property at any time, they must make it known to the remote monitoring station.

It is also a good idea to update the contact details of senior employees and key holders. In the event of an incident, they will need to let the appropriate people know quickly and a lack of communication could be very dangerous.

Bring in additional security

If you’re worried that your existing security set-up isn’t good enough, you can always bring in some additional protection. Here at Key Patrol, we can provide mobile patrols and key holding services in addition to response security.

With these measures in place, you can rest assured that the risk of security breaches will be minimised. And if an incident does occur, trained professionals will be on hand to react and respond in the most appropriate way possible.

Just because you and your employees are taking time off does not mean to say criminals are too. Therefore, always remain vigilant against security threats during the holidays and periods of downtime.

The Devil makes work for idle hands!

Remember that old saying, ‘the devil makes work for idle hands’, it has probably never been more appropriate than during times when staff are not onsite as often as they usually would be! Make sure that you are on your guard, as much as possible, at such times.

25 ways a private security company can improve business security

25 Ways a Private Security Company Can Improve Business Security

How a private security company enhances business security

Businesses of all kinds are susceptible to criminal activity, break-ins and robberies, and in these economically uncertain times it’s more important than ever to ensure your business security is at a high standard so as to avoid unplanned expenditure that could have calamitous implications for your profits and the company’s future.

Attempting to ensure your security measures are up to scratch and that your building security is fool proof while also trying to run a business can be time-consuming and stressful, and it only takes one tiny oversight to put your entire business security plan in jeopardy. Hiring a private security company to do the job for you may seem extravagant and costly in the short-run, but you can’t put a price on safety, and the long-term savings and assurance of knowing that your business security is as reliable as it can and will ever be cannot be overstated.

Here are 25 ways a private security firm can help improve the security of your business:

1. Risk Assessment – Rather than planning their break-in or attack against a business, criminals tend to look for weaknesses or potholes and exploit them. As such, it is crucial to work towards removing all possible criminal opportunities that exist. While nobody knows your business better than you, familiarity can blind you to certain things, and having a second-opinion is therefore essential in making absolute certain you have all the possible areas covered. The assistance of a private security company can provide just the objective, external eye you need. Today’s criminals are savvier than ever, and you simply cannot afford any slip-ups.

2. Install an alarm system – Having a working alarm on a business premises seems so obvious, but it is easy to forget to have yours checked or to even install one in the first place. For maximum security 24/7 you should have your alarm monitored by an alarm receiving centre who will provide quick alarm response when it goes off, instantly alerting the authorities or an appropriate security firm.

3. Prevent internal theft – Regardless of how much you think you can trust your employees, you can never be too careful. Internal theft is commonplace in many businesses and can be prevented by frequent cash monitoring, thorough staff checks and regular crime awareness training sessions.

4. Keep stock safe – Ensure you have a record of all your stock and regularly update and check it for discrepancies. Basic things like keeping stock away from entrance/exit doors and storing high value stock in a more secure room can work wonders.

5. Change your security codes – Change your security codes several times a month (or more in special cases, e.g. when an employee leaves or is fired, or when servicemen have finished working) to prevent visitors or anyone outside of your staff getting regular access to the building.

6. Get a safe – For real high value items and monetary items, a safe cannot go amiss. Be sure to keep it in a highly secure location and keep track of who, if anyone, has access to, or knowledge of it.

7. Keep your business premises secure – Don’t give thieves an easy ride – make sure your doors and windows are indestructible, and don’t hesitate to fit shutters if you need to. Installing CCTV is a cost effective way to not only monitor and increase building security but also identify criminals if any disturbances do occur.

8. Install surveillance cameras – Have surveillance cameras put in, and don’t be afraid to make them obvious. Anyone planning to break-in or damage the premises will think twice upon seeing security cameras.

9. When cameras just aren’t enough – If you’re concerned cameras alone won’t be a strong enough deterrence or require particularly high business security, additional devices are available, such as smoke-generators which will block out any criminals’ sight.

10. Bring in security guards – There’s no better way to put off thieves and intruders than having security guards on the premises, especially in unsociable business hours when your building’s security is at its most vulnerable. Be sure to hire staff from a legitimate and reputable security firm so as not to cause yourself further problems – you can’t afford untrustworthy security guards!

11. Get an official key holder – Save yourself time and money with private security key holding services. All professional key holders are contactable 24/7 and will attend all alarm activations within 20 minutes, saving you the hassle and panic of dealing with false ones. They’ll also know exactly how to deal with threats, liaise with police and will stop you putting yourself or your employees at risk and prevent costly key replacements, as they’ll always have a copy safely secured.

12. Never have to think about locking up again – Never have to worry about whether you or a fellow member of staff has adequately locked up or not, or if the primary key holder is late to open up the premises in the morning, with a lock and unlock security service. Having someone outside of the business open up at a set time every morning and securely lock up at closing time will take a weight off your mind, prevent time wasting and ensure maximum building security.

13. Be aware of your surroundings – Keep the area around your business tidy and any trees or hedges trimmed. This will prevent intruders hiding behind them and will make them more obvious to passers-by. The messier and rougher your surroundings, the less secure your premises will appear to potential burglars.

14. Lone worker protection – Ensure the well being of your staff and avoid nasty accidents by carrying out lone worker checks when they are working in an isolated or particularly dangerous environment. It’s hard to remember to do them when you are busy at work, but this sort of thing is included in security services such as mobile security patrols.

15. Make your mark – An easy way to prevent the theft of valuable business assets, for example computers, printers and other office equipment, is to permanently mark them with your business’ details. This will make it next to impossible for thieves to sell on their stolen goods as it will make them too obvious, thus acting as a cheap and strong deterrent. To be extra safe, keep a note of serial numbers, models and makes.

16. Have mobile security patrols in the area – Uniformed security in prominent livered vehicles patrolling the area at irregular times can be a great, more cost effective alternative to permanent security guards and are equally effective in scaring-off troublemakers.

17. No cash held here signs – Try and keep a minimal amount of physical cash on site after closing hours, and put up clear signage stating that no cash is held on the premises overnight. Even if there is, it doesn’t hurt to give the illusion otherwise.

18. Hold random security checks to confuse robbers – Change things up every few days so that any potential thieves won’t be able to work around your schedule. Mobile security patrols available through private security firms carry out internal and/or external patrols entirely at random, helping to fend off security threats as trying to get around security will be too much effort.

19. Keep a sign-in book – Keep track of your staff and any random visitors to the premises with a sign-in book detailing arrival and leaving times so you can keep check of who is in the building and when. Make sure an authority or member of security staff observes people leaving and entering the premises and has them sign the correct information, and think about introducing official company badges if you haven’t already.

20. Increase the safety of your staff – Using professional services to maximize and ensure your business’ security will not only protect your assets and physical premises but will also serve as great protection for your staff and make them feel more safe and reassured in the work environment.

21. Light up your business’ exterior – Good lighting all around the premises is vital in giving the intruders less places to hide and will make it easier to identify criminals on CCTV or see what is going on on your surveillance cameras. Having permanent lighting can also give the impression that the premises is occupied.

22. Plan for emergencies – Don’t let anything catch you or your staff off guard. Have your fire extinguishers and medical kits checked on the regular, and frequent safety training will give you both reassurance and provide them with the skills they need to deal with unexpected emergencies. Even if you have a security company dealing with your alarm response, it won’t hurt to have someone within the business be prepared for it too, just in case.

23. Make it too hard – You can never have too much building security, and the harder you make it to break in, the less likely criminals will bother as the more time they spend on a job, the higher risk they run of getting caught. Even if they do keep at it, the chances of them getting in before an alarm is activated or they are spotted by security or even a passerby are slim.

24. Be alert – If you see suspicious figures around your business, don’t give them the benefit of the doubt. If you have security in place, they will handle the situation for you, and don’t be afraid to report suspicions to the police to be safe.

25. Save money and hassle in the long-run – Getting your security to the highest standard it could be now will save you a ton of cash and a mountain of stress in the long-run. Once you have a plan and system in place, you, or indeed your security company should you choose to go with one, will have to spend little time maintaining the safety of your company, and having maximum security will not only bring you peace of mind and reduce potential losses but also make your staff feel more secure in their working environment. This all-round satisfaction is likely to allow everyone to perform better and make your business a more pleasant place to work.

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