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What Risks Can A Key holder Expect

What Risks can a Key Holder expect?

Considerations for a key holder

What Can a Keyholder ExpectAre you able to respond 24/7, in the middle of the night if necessary?

  • How will this impact your family life if often you are waking up partners?
  • You are out on a Saturday night, have you got the keys and how will you get to site?
  • What are you walking into?  Have you been trained to deal with all eventualities?
  • What will you do if there is someone inside the premises?
  • How will being stuck on a site all night impact your productivity the next day?
  • How will you remember to keep your monitoring company abreast of any changes to your contact details and availability?
  • What happens when you go on holiday?

Key holders may be at risk when responding to alarms

Some interesting statistics below;

Licensed SIA Patrol Officers

  • Property crime accounts for the majority of both the British Crime Survey (BCS) and recorded crime statistics recorded by the Police in England and Wales 2009/2010 (78% and 70% respectively)
  • Violence, including robbery, accounts for about a fifth (22%) for both sources.
  • There were 8173 instances of recorded robbery in the UK during 2009.
  • Over 5% of all intruder alarm activations are not false alarms, meaning key holders are walking into potentially very serious incidents.
  • Most intruder alarm activations are false alarms and occur during unsociable hours (meaning your most valuable resource’s (i.e. staff’s) time is being wasted when responding in the middle of the night).
  • The 2009/10 BCS shows there were an estimated 659,000 domestic burglary incidents in England and Wales.

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