Even though every business these days constantly worries about generating enough turnover and improving profit margins, this kind of concern is preferable to fretting over possible break-ins from criminals. Sadly, in the modern world, such break-ins are becoming all too common!

In addition to losing expensive equipment and assets that can be sold on, most modern businesses will have confidential and sensitive information, which needs protection as well. While a lot will depend on the type and nature of the business, hiring a security guard brings about several benefits that the majority of entrepreneurs and enterprises would appreciate.

Key Patrol, a leading provider of security guards in Essex and the rest of the UK, are on hand to deliver the following advantages.

Better prevention

Robbers and raiders will be put off the thought of attempting a burglary simply by the sight of imposing uniformed protection standing guard. What’s more, proficient and professional guards are trained to look out for suspicious activity and can alert the appropriate authorities or take action on the spot.

As opposed to a standard security system or CCTV, guards represent more of a real threat and are a greater visual deterrent, as they show that your business is largely impenetrable to criminal activity due to the physical presence of highly trained people.

Expert handling of incidents

Security guards aren’t just muscular and fearsome looking individuals, they are also comprehensively trained to deal with all manner of transgressions, misdemeanours and infractions of the law.

Therefore, if your business does suffer from a break-in, security guards are there to react and respond. From simply taking down notes and contacting the police to chasing and detaining criminals, they’re capable of handling incidents in a variety of different ways.

Friendly and reassuring face

If people are constantly coming from and going to your business, a security guard can make clientele feel safe and act as brand ambassadors. Whether they’re manning a front desk or restricting access to certain areas, security guards are able to perform more than one task as well.

There is a good chance that customers will go to a security guard first for directions to a particular department or information about a specific product. So with a security guard you not only get protection, but a friendly and reassuring face too.

Peace of mind

Perhaps the main reason you may choose to hire a security guard is for the peace of mind that the business will remain safe and free from harm. This will be a feeling echoed by customers, clients and employees, who are bound to be more relaxed and at ease with a security guard around.

Employing professions to look after the business may also improve your reputation and standing. Everyone associated with the company will appreciate the steps you’ve taken to ensure they are protected.

Despite the fact that technological advancements are making places of business more secure than ever before, sometimes the simplest methods remain the best. Here at Key Patrol, we believe that our security guards in Essex and the surrounding area provide invaluable protection for both everyday consumers and big businesses.