Even though there are a number of security options a business can explore, keyholding is one of the most attractive. However, several people do not know what this term refers to and the benefits that come with it.

Key Patrol is one of the leading security companies in Essex and, naturally, across the rest of the UK too. They are always on hand to explain what keyholding means and why it makes sense to choose this form of business security.

What does key holding mean?

Keyholding is when a business gives a security firm the keys to its premises. So when the alarm goes off or if there is an out-of-hours intrusion, the security provider is on hand to respond in a prompt and appropriate way. The key holder may also be required to give access to cleaners and maintenance or simply patrol the property overnight.

Keys are typically stored in a key vault or mobile unit in accordance with regulatory standards. For security reasons, they are not usually labelled with the business’s name and feature a code, colour or marking instead.

Why should you choose key holding?

  • 24/7 Service – Regardless of whether a break-in occurs late at night or in the early hours of the morning, it is a key holder’s duty to be on call 24/7. Therefore, you can rest assured that your business will be protected and safeguarded around the clock.
  • Response time – Seeing as many professional key holding services make use of mobile units, you will benefit from rapid response times. Along with securing the premises quickly, they may even be able to catch the perpetrators red handed.
  • Low risk – Having a trained key holder look after your premises eliminates potential risk for you and the business’s employees. If you or another member of staff were to respond to an alarm or intrusion, there is a chance that burglars could cause harm or injury.
  • Responsibility – A professional key holding company will know exactly how alarm systems work, how to deal with thieves and how to report crimes. This heavy responsibility may be too much for you or your workforce to handle.
  • False alarms – Most intruder activations are actually false alarms, which can be incredibly inconvenient to you and detrimental to business productivity. But this won’t be a problem if a key holding firm is handling your security.
  • Cost-effectiveness – Compared to employing security guards to be at your premises all the time, key holding is a much more cost-effective way of safeguarding valuable business assets.
  • Peace of mind – Perhaps above all else, keyholding gives you real peace of mind that any burglary or alarm activation will be dealt with swiftly in a proficient and professional way.

For these reasons, your business could really benefit from choosing a keyholding provider like Key Patrol. Although there are various security companies in Essex providing this kind of service, Key Patrol was formed on a combined background of over 50 years industry experience and strives to deliver the best solution for each individual customer.