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Key Patrol – your local response experts

Specialised keyholding and rapid alarm response services

Key Patrol are specialist in the provision of keyholding, alarm response and mobile patrol services. We have the necessary expertise to help you reduce risks to your business, protecting your property, assets and providing a safe environment for your staff.

We provide simple, hassle free and effective solutions that offer our customers real value for money and total piece of mind.

Via our own resources and a network of ACS approved Service Partners, we are able to provide you with a centrally operated and managed national solution to your keyholding and security needs

Using Key Patrol as your nominated keyholder will ensure;

  • Protection Security Patrols in LondonYour keys are looked after in accordance with industry keyholding standard BS 7984
  • A professional response to all your intruder alarm activations via our local team of rapid response units
  • We can arrange manned guarding in the event of a serious incident
  • The co-ordination of police attendance & other repair contractors as required
  • Your site is secured before we leave
  • You receive a detailed report of all actions taken
  • Preventative signage can be displayed on your property

Gherkin Southwark Bridge Mobile security patrolsBy using Key Patrol as your nominated keyholder, you ensure;

  • There is no need to organise keyholders within your business
  • Only professional, fully trained staff attend activations
  • Staff do not put themselves at personal risk
  • You exercise Duty of Care to your staff
  • You limit potential liability claims resulting from serious incidents

Download Key Patrol Brochure (1.95 MB)

Key Patrol Keyholding and Mobile Patrols Brochure