Why are keyholding services so important?

Why is keyholding so important?

Why is keyholding important?A keyholding company will respond to your alarm being activated, taking the hassle out of a person from your business having to respond to false alarm activations and the dangers of responding to serious incidents. Due to the ACPO policy, directives from the HSE (Health & Safety Executive), the Corporate Manslaughter Act, insurance stipulations and current crime levels, using a professional key holding and alarm response service is becoming ever more commonplace, and in certain instances, viewed as a business necessity.

It is imperative that small business’ with a monitored intruder alarm have at least two named key holders that are contactable 24/7 in the event of an intruder alarm activation.

A keyholder must:

  • Be available and carry the business’ keys 24/7
  • Understand the mechanics of how to operate the alarm system
  • Respond as quickly as possible in line with ACPO guidelines
  • Always have in possession relevant emergency contact details in the event of a serious incident

The following is the current advice for key holders from a UK Constabulary

The Key holder must be familiar with the premises.

On attendance at premises:

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  • Make sure someone knows where you are
  • Always approach from the front
  • Avoid dark areas
  • Give yourself plenty of room when checking the property (do not keep too close to the building line)
  • Ideally two people should attend
  • If you have a mobile phone, take it with you
  • Carry a torch with you
  • If there are any strange vehicles on the driveway or any unusual lights on, DO NOT APPROACH – RING THE POLICE ON 999
  • If, on checking the premises, you discover that they are insecure, DO NOT GO INSIDE – CALL THE POLICE ON 999. DO NOT TOUCH THE DOORS OR WINDOWS
  • If the property appears to be in order then enter and check. Re-set the alarm (you will need the code), or call the engineer depending upon circumstances agreed with the business
  • On leaving the premises make sure they are secure and inform the police if you were contacted by them to attend
  • Having volunteered as a key holder you need to know the whereabouts of the business owner should they need to be contacted. If the property has been broken into or damaged, it will be your responsibility on behalf of the business for any temporary repairs

The police are even suggesting two people should attend each activation, which sometimes isn’t practical using key company staff.

Keyholders responsibilities are vast, and as such, businesses are choosing Key Patrol to ensure these challenging and possibly dangerous duties are conducted by professionals.

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